Share the Mediterranean essence

The wines Jana & Jofre are elaborated with the best varieties in our territory so as to offer all the tradition and culture of their Mediterranean origin.
packs jana & jofre wineintube
The best wine for special moments
A wine for oneself, to relax, to treat oneself and to wind off. It’s a wine for your moments to be shared with your beloved ones.
packs jana de mar formato pouch
A good wine to celebrate our dreams
SunnyWine is ideal for those moments when it is worth raising our glasses and toasting to life.
packs sunnywine formato pouch
Share the flavour of a passionate and life lover character
Colourful, shiny and passionate. Mild, sweet and refreshing. Spanish flavour is like that and so is our Sangría.
packs sangria wineintube formato pouch
Cocktails for those fond of good life
Transport yourself through your glass to a sunset in the Caribbean and refill it as many times as you wish!
packs el chiringuito coctails formato pouch

Take a break, relax and enjoy while sipping a glass of Mas de la Mel wine

A wine that brings you to the vineyard and tells you its story