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Wineintube, committed to innovation and quality

Wineintube was born in 2008 as a consequence of our will to promote innovation within the winemaking sector by producing quality wines and choosing packaging systems which are an alternative to more traditional ones and which provide consumers with more consumption choices and numerous advantages.

After years of study and consumer habits we can currently offer a selection of products with their own special character and packages such as the pouch, bag in box or our star packaging system, Wineintube. These alternative formats preserve the properties of our wines up to the end of their consumption and we therefore ensure a quality product to be served on every occasion.

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Our origin, a wine-making tradition


The company owners come from wine-making families in the Alt Camp area, in Tarragona. The family vineyard from which they have been elaborating wine since 1886 is 90 hectares and is strongly influenced by the nearby Mediterranean Sea. This location gives its grapevines a distinct character which results in high-quality wines. Wineintube is born as a result of family experience in the wine sector and the wish to market new options for wine consumption.

Quality wines elaborated with autochthonous grape varieties

Our vineyards are located in the region of Tarragona, where 4 varieties of white grape are cultivated (Macabeo, Xarel·lo, Parellada and chardonnay) and 4 more varieties of red grape (Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah and Red Grenache).

The vineyards border to the north with the mountains in Prades, to the east with the Gaia River, to the south with the Mediterranean Sea and to the west with the mountains in Llaveria and Argentera. The soil dates back to the Miocene and is of a calcareous type. The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild winters and warm summers.

For the elaboration and packaging procedure of our crops, we work in collaboration with a cellar in the small nearby village of Bràfim, which is located 4 kilometres away from our vineyards. That allows us to control the wine elaboration and the high standards required by our customers.

Our facilities


In our modern facilities in Vilarodona (Tarragona), we have the packaging system for the formats in which our wines and cocktails can be purchased, Wineintube, Pouch and Bag in Box. All our elaboration and packaging systems are fitted with a traceability control for the whole process thanks to which we can check the perfect conditions of our products in all stages.

To date, we have positioned ourselves as important actors in the impulse of new consumption formats and innovation within the wine sector.

Formats to enjoy our products anywhere with total comfort


At Wineintube we work with innovative packages designed to offer consumers a comfortable alternative; they are easy to carry, serve and dispose of. Moreover, the used materials and systems offer an optimal preservation method, keeping the organoleptic qualities of our wines and cocktails intact up to 8 weeks after opening.


Discover our wines, sangrias and cocktails

You will find a quality product for every occasion among our brands.

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