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We are committed to innovation in the wine sector by producing quality wines and cocktails in a special format.

logo wineintube blanco

Apostamos por la innovación al sector vitivinícola elaborando vinos y combinados de calidad en formatos especiales.

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Foodex Japo 2022 wineintube mas de la mel

Foodex Japan 2022

KON’NICHIWA JAPAN! The 47th edition of the long-awaited FOODEX JAPAN 2022  is a fantastic opportunity to meet the Japanese public again and to tell them about our wines

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Prowein Dusseldorf 2022

HALLO GERMANY! WINEINTUBE ends with a positive overall experiencie lived in PROWEIN DÜSSELDORF this year. ProWein in Düsseldorf is the most important trade fair for

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