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Prowine Shanghai 2021

What a special Prowein Shanghai 2021!!! Even the hard moments we are all experiencing worldwide, #WINEINTUBE managed to be there!

Thank you for all the support, specially we wanna thank our Brand Ambassador Qi Shuai, representing us in the event and taking care of the visitors, she will answer any questions you may have – and serve you a glass of wine.

Big applause to the Chinese wine lovers, Prowein Shanghai visitors and our loyal customers, without you this couldn’t be happening.

To the people who is behind the scenes, you are so important, since the farmers in our vinyeards, the team in Wineintube offices, the marketing support and of course to the organization of the event, big thank you! #prodeca#proweinshanghai2021.

To sum up, there is a big human effort to make magic happens, and we made it!!

乾杯 !!
Thank you!

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